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Be part of the action at Volta Bräu. We host regular events in our bar and during the warmer months outside in our garden. There’s the popular Craft Beer Saturdays and The Sling Thing with live music – to name just a couple. Find out more about our upcoming events here and on Facebook and experience Basel’s exciting beer and event culture for yourself.


Wortspiele Festival
SAT 12 August & SA 28 October

Wortspiele is a unique pubic beer event. 18 brewers get together on 12 August at Volta Bräu and produce one wort, the liquid that is produced before it is fermented into beer. At the end of the brewday, the brewers take their wort to their own brewery and finish the beer. Second part is the event on 28 October: The brewers bring the finished beer to serve them at our bar.

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Basler Biermarkt
FR 25 & SA 26 August

Like every year we are part of the Basler Biermarkt where we serve a variety of beers. On Friday, 25 August we host the afterparty of the Biermarkt and celebrate the culture of craft beer. Be part of it and enjoy more beers and live music! Free entry.


Craft Beer Saturday 2017
SAT 14 October with BFM, 6 - 9 pm

Brewmasters on tour: that’s the idea behind Craft Beer Saturday at Volta Bräu. Other beer brewers pay us a visit and present their very own selection of beers. You can ask them questions about the world of beer and sample different varieties. Be part of the uncomplicated workshop and tasting for only CHF 25. Registrations via at info@voltabraeu.ch.

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