The freshest craft beer in town is brewed in a industrial space located at Voltaplatz in Basel. We brew our Volta Bräu beer after traditional methods and with strong passion. The brewpub combines an urban feel-good atmosphere with the attraction of the brewery – our home-brewed beers are tapped and served directly at the bar. Our selection reflects our love for beer and our desire for variety and change.

Stay hoptimistic

Even rock stars have to sleep sometime. We are closing again due to the decision of the Basel-Stadt government council as of Monday, 23.11. We miss you already - it's so hard. But even after this breather we will serve Craft Beer and Pulled Pork Sandwiches and create a campfire atmosphere in the garden.

Stay hoptimistic and healthy

Sustainable and delicious

We only use the very best ingredients, which is why we never throw anything away. We use what's left over from the brewing process to bake our delicious homemade bread. This draff bread is then used to make our notorious sandwiches. Any draff that isn't turned into bread becomes a tasty treat for the Angus cattle who live over on the Schelten Pass.

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We have extended our existing hygiene measures by a practicable protection concept. Masks are obligatory for employees and guests. Our guests can take off the mask at their seat. Consumption may only take place while seated. 

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Your event

If you’re organising a special event, we will gladly put together a suitable package for you. Our rotisserie BBQ is exclusively available for groups who enjoy grilling up food on their own. Here you will find more information and our menu suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.