• room with brewing tanks
  • filling in the malt for brewing
  • malt in the hands
  • filling in the malt for brewing

We brew where you drink

Volta Bräu is brewed using traditional methods. The beer is never filtered, pasteurised or treated with preservatives, meaning none of the flavour gets lost. Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from the surrounding region and use them sustainably to minimise waste.

Brewery tour

Keen to find out how we make Volta Bräu? Our master brewer Gabriele will show you how in a tour through the brewery. Listen to an explanation of the brewing process, learn more about the various ingredients and ask Gabriele all your burning questions. We offer the tour for groups of 10 people or more. Decide if you prefer a short tour (about 30 minutes) for CHF 10 p.P.  or explore the big tour (about 60 minutes) including a detailed beer tasting for CHF 18 p.P.

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brewery tour


Malt is the soul of every beer. That’s why we leave nothing to chance by choosing the right malting plant. In Unterfranken (Germany) there is the Rhön Malz malthouse, which has been run by the family Lang for over 300 years. The malting process there is ecological and manual - and they share the same love for beer as we do.

gabriele mashing in brewery