Craft Beer

What makes a beer a good one? The most obvious though appropriate answer really is: When it’s delicious! But beer is a matter of taste and will always be and so everyone has to find his own favorite - this often depends on regional habits and initial drinking experiences. Therefore, we at Volta Bräu plead for diversity: On our taps we have up to 7 different home-brewed beers at a time ready for you to taste. Cheers.


First base

  • bottom-fermented
  • alcohol content 4,8%
  • 16 IBU | 8 EBC
  • hops: Tettnanger
  • malt: German Pale, Munich, Crystal10

Our Flagship: The Lager combines undertones of malt sweetness with a subtle floral hop aroma from Tettnanger Hops. It is light bodied and yet full in flavour. This beer with a refreshing finish is easy to drink and good companion for every opportunity.



  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,4%
  • 27 IBU | 44 EBC
  • hops: Tettnanger, Willamette, Cascade
  • malt: German Pale, Munich, Crystal60, Crystal20, Wheat, CaraAmber, Pale Chocolate

We were on our way to Ireland but got stuck on those beautiful Channel Island. Light Maltbody, caramel sweetness & wild hop bitters. That`s our beer-interpretation of the island, which is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean.


Beat Ale

  • alcohol content 5.8%
  • 55 IBU | 32 EBC
  • hops: Progress, Fuggles

Our brewer has taken a lesson from the college rye developed "progress" hops and created this bitter ale for you.



  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,5%
  • 50 IBU | 4 EBC
  • hops: Summit, Amarillo, Citra & Cascade
  • malt: German Pale, Wheat, Crystal10, Wheatflakes

Smooth and fruity like a wheat beer & exotically bitter like an American IPA: That's basically all we want to say about it. Except that: It's become a real awesome one!



  • alcohol contet 4,8%
  • 26 IBU | 16 EBC
  • hops: Northern Brewer, Crystal 

The california common is brewed with special bottom fermenting yeasts. During fermentation, a strong steam is created which contributes to the naming.



  • top-fermented
  • alcohol 5,7%
  • 37 IBU | 96 EBC
  • hops: Challenger, Cascade, Pilgrim
  • malt: German Pale, Munich, Crystal10, Crystal20, Pale Chocolate, Wheat, Wheatflakes

The uncomplicated Porter is a dark, top-fermented beer with distinct roast aromas. Despite the distinct malt density, this beer is very accessible & refreshing.


Grano Ravanelli

  • alcohol content 4,9%
  • 16 IBU | 5 EBC
  • hops: Tettnanger, Perle

Fine, fresh and summery it has become long awaited wheat.
There is really nothing more to say.

Learn more!

Keen to find out how we make Volta Bräu? Our master brewer Gabriele will show you how in a tour through the brewery. Listen to an explanation of the brewing process, learn more about the various ingredients and ask Gabriele all your burning questions. We offer the tour for groups of 10 people or more. Decide if you prefer a short tour (about 30 minutes) for CHF 10 p.P. or explore the big tour (about 60 minutes) including a detailed beer tasting for CHF 18 p.P.


You love draft beer, but you prefer to enjoy it in the park or at home? Then we have just the thing for you: Our Volta Bräu Growler with a capacity of 1 litre for fresh craft beer straight from the barrel. Ask our staff at the bar and we'll fill it up with your favourite beer Volta Bräu.