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Our brewmaster follows time-honoured traditions to create plenty delicious varieties of Volta Bräu.

lager beer


  • bottom-fermented
  • alcohol content 4,8%
  • 16 IBU
  • 8 EBC
  • Hop: Tettnanger
  • Malt: Pilsner, Münchner II, Carapils

Our Flagship: The Lager combines undertones of malt sweetness with a subtle floral hop aroma from Tettnanger Hops. It is light bodied and yet full in flavour. This beer with a refreshing finish is easy to drink and good companion for every opportunity.   

rye red ale beer


Red Ale

  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,1%
  • 20,5 IBU
  • 27 EBC
  • Hop: Tettnanger and Saazer
  • Malt: Münchner II, Pilsner, rye malt, Cara Amber, Melanoidinmalz, Caramünch I

The Rye Red Ale is copper in color and malt-accented. Six different barley and rye malts lend to a biscuity malt flavor with hints of caramel, toffee and fruit aroma and a smooth texture.

Image Malt


Pale Ale

  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,8%
  • 28.5 IBU
  • 7 EBC
  • Hop: Hallertauer Cascade, Willamette
  • Malt: Pilsner, Pale Ale


Hallertauer Cascade and Willamette Hops impart a citrus and fruit aroma and a balanced hop bitterness in our light golden Pale Ale. Lightly toasted malt flavours provide a medium body. Hoppy and refreshing with a crisp finish.

wit like wheat beer



  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,1%
  • 25,5 IBU | 8 EBC
  • Hop: Bravo, Tettnanger
  • Malt: Weizen hell, Pilsener, flaked wheat
  • orange and lemon zest
  • coriander seed

This Wit-like Wheat is a Wheat Ale brewed with spices that belgian brewed use a lot for their Witbiers: Coriander, orange and lemon zest. Besides the spices you will find fruity esters from the wheat malt and undertones of hop aroma in the nose.  It is light bodied and sourly-refreshing. 

Image Malt Tsunami

Malt Tsunami Imperial Dark

Smoked Saison

  • Collab.: Aabach, El Caballero, White Pony | top-fermented | 8,2% | 25.5 IBU | 60 EBC
  • Hop: Bravo & Amarillo | Malt: Pilsner, Münchner, Weizen Hell, Caraafa I & III, Rauchmalz, Röstgerste, Caramünch I + organic cacaonibs

The Malt Tsunami is a Dark Smoked Saison with Vodka infused Cocoa Nips. It is complex as the name suggests: Flavours of coffee, cocoa, smoke and dried fruit tingle your senses. The texture is creamy and rich.

porter beer

It's complicated


  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,7%
  • 28 IBU | 82 EBC
  • Hop: Hallertauer, Cascade and Hersbucker
  • Malt: Pilsner,  Münchner I, Caramünch III, Carafa I, Carared, Weizen

We employed highly roasted malt grains for coffee and cocoa flavour, a medium body with rich mouthfeel and a dark appearance in our Porter. Why not have a Porter instead of a coffee after a good dinner?


Brown Ale

  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 6,1%
  • 34,7 IBU | 39 EBC
  • Hop: Cascade, Zeus, Styrian Gold, Saazer
  • Malt: Pale Ale, Münchner, Wiener, CaraAmber, CaraDunkel, Weizenflocken

Des Wiener's


  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,5%
  • 25,7 IBU | 16 EBC
  • Hop: Tettnanger, Willamette
  • Malt: Wiener, Münchner, CaraPils

Ella et Pierre

India Pale Ale

  • top-fermented
  • alcohol content 5,7%
  • 51 IBU | 11 EBC
  • Hop: Cascade, Willamette & Ella
  • Malt: Pilsner, Münchner, Caraamber, Weizen