10 Years 10 Beers

Ten years of Volta Bräu is definitely reason enough to party! We've rounded up the ten trendiest brewers in the region and are brewing collabs for you all year round. This means that every month we have a fresh batch of new beers straight from the tap.



Look forward to our latest collaboration beer "Aurora", the result of our collaboration with BBB! This beer is like a sunrise in a glass. With its wheat aroma and light taste, Aurora takes you straight to the sunny climes of Belgium.

Collab with BBB


  • Alkoholgehalt 4.8%
  • 32 IBU | 12 EBC
  • Hopfen: Polaris, Herkules
  • Malz: Pale Ale, Wiener Malz, Pilsner, Bisquit Malz, Weizenflocken

January Tap

Are you ready for the ultimate beer adventure? Rockbier kicks off our monthly collab with "Stairway to Heaven". A cream ale that combines the lightness of a lager with a pinch of rock 'n' roll.

Collab with Rockbeer

Stairway to heaven

  • Alkoholgehalt 4.6%
  • 15 IBU | 11 EBC
  • Hopfen: Saazer, Mandarin Bavaria
  • Malz: Pale Ale, Münchner, Carahell